Thursday, October 11, 2007

Change Url of Popup without closing it

On one of my project, I encountered a problem.I have 2 buttons on the page and on click of any button i have to open a pop up window.
Let's say on click of button 1 -> pop up window should open with Page1.aspx
and on click of button 2 -> pop up window should open with Page2.aspx.

But the problem was I have to use only one instance of pop up window.One way is I can close the existing pop up window and open another will other Url.But this is not I want.

I want to use the same window and if it is open just change the Url.

After some googling I Found a solution:-

var childRef = null;

function openpopup(page)
if (childRef == null childRef.closed)
childRef = , '');
return false;

This Java Script function was called onClientClick event of the button and respective page value was passed as parameter.

ChildWindowObject.Location.href = Some Url does the trick for me.It will change the Url of popup.

One thing to notice here..

If I dont use childRef.focus(); this code then what is going to happen If the pop up window is open (not Minimized) and when childRef.location.href=page; this gets excuted pop up window will be minimized automatically.

To keep it not minimized I used childRef.focus();. This will set the focus again on the window.


Happy Programming...


Chirag said...

Hello Virendra,

This can be done if you pass popup name same to all the links.

for eg:'','new','height=400,width=500')'','new','height=400,width=500')

Check in function of javascript 2nd para. is the popup name, if we pass same then it will change url automatically


Virendra said...

I have not checked this.
But if it works then it will save lots of lines of code.

Let me check this...


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