Sunday, October 14, 2007

Difference between theme and stylesheetTheme attribute.

The Page directive includes the attribute Theme and StylesheetTheme.You can use both to apply themes to a page. So, the question is: If you have a Theme attribute and a StylesheetTheme attribute for the Page directive, what is the difference between the two?

<%@ Page Language=”VB” StylesheetTheme=”Theme1” %>

The StylesheetTheme attribute works the same as the Theme attribute in that it can be used to apply a theme to a page. The difference is that the when attributes are set locally on the page within a particular control, the attributes are overridden by the theme if you use the Theme attribute. They are kept in place, however, if you apply the page’s theme using the StylesheetTheme attribute. Suppose you have a text box control like the following:

<asp:Textbox ID=”TextBox1” Runat=”server”
ForeColor=”#ffffff” />

In this example, the ForeColor settings is overridden by the theme if you have
applied it using the Theme attribute in the Page directive. If, instead, you applied the theme using the StylesheetTheme attribute in the Page directive, the ForeColor settings remain in
place, even if they are explicitly defined in the theme.
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